My first changes

Everything you need for nappy changes !


For your hospital bag, we recommend you to take on diaper pack, one liniment and one baby wipe pack.

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Diaper pack (23pcs) Size 1 Love & Green : eco diapers made with less than 50% of platics.

Love & Green liniment is to use for your baby’s change : Naturally gentle cleansing care, to be used daily for the toilet of the baby’s seat, from birth. It effectively cleans baby and gently the seat area. It forms a protective film to isolate the baby’s skin from aggression related to moisture and friction of diapers.It protects baby’s epidermis thanks to the presence of extra-virgin olive oil rich in omega 6 and 9.

Love & Green baby wipes gently clean and protect baby’s delicate skin; safe from day one

my first changes full pack

It contains a drawstring bag “Mes Premiers Changes”, one diaper pack, one liniment and one baby wipes pack.

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